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Our Work

In accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Qualivida Institute organizes and implements social programs throughout Brazil that specifically target poverty eradication, provide educational opportunities, promote gender equality and women's empowerment, and sustainable development. These programs are designed and developed with an emphasis on projects that are directed towards insuring decent working conditions, and protecting the rights of workers. Our programs engage and empower the lower income public and those with little schooling. Such populations have great difficulties finding work. By providing training, guidance and assistance with their entry or re-entry into the active labour force, we can act as both an enabling power as well as a support structure in their future work life.

Founded in 1997, the Qualivida Institute has been a partner to a range of social entities in the development and the realization of projects and actions for professional development, citizenship and quality of life.

Since its inception, the Qualivida Institute has helped more than 80.000 workers, both men and women from all age groups. It has also supported projects to increase the levels of primary education for over 10.000 people of an advanced age.

The Qualivida Institute has carried out its own projects and has also consulted on the development, implementation and execution of projects headed by our partners, giving structural, logistic and technological support allowing for social movement and mobilization.

Our Methods

The primary social actions are directed toward:

The Qualivida Institute bases its actions on socio-economic, cultural and environmental development directed towards sustainable development. In all actions, transversal themes of social interest are contemplated in order to celebrate diversity and eliminate various forms of discrimination, amongst them: matters of gender, race, age and people living in situations of social risk, such as the elimination of degrading work with emphasis on the elimination of child and slave labour.

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